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Real Estate in Israel for Jews living abroad

"Racer Real estate" - provides services of Real Estate in Israel .
We have 18 years of experience in handling properties in  Jerusalem ,Jerusalem area and Mountians of Yehuda area.

Such as: Jerusalem City , Mevsaret Zion, Moza Ilit, Ramat Moza,

Beit Zeit,Beit Nakofa, Shuava, Shoresh , Neve Ilan, Har Adar,

Ramat Raziel, Kisalon,
Givat Yearim, Eshtaul, Misilat Zion .

"Racer" offers service in English, Hebrew and Spanish.
We will provide you professional knowledge our experience in the buying/selling process, including the value of the property, planning status, and other tips.
Racer operates with professionalism, reliability, a high level of service and knowledge that promote the sale / purchase of the property for you.

רייסר יזום ופיתוח לוגו
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